Your Credit History: What Is It & What Is the Purpose?

Your Credit History: What Is It?

When people talk about your credit, they usually mean your credit history. That’s a detailed history that describes your money usage. It shows whether you pay your bills promptly, how many loans you have taken out, and how many credit cards you use.

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Why Your Credit Score Is Important to Your Employers

You might not be thinking about your credit score when you are out job searching, but you should be.

Many people will say that their credit score importance doesn’t reflect their job performance, but not all employers agree. In fact, more than half of all employers said [...]

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Understanding & Fixing Your Credit Score

Fix Your Credit Score

Before they approve you for a loan, lenders want to have some assurance that you will pay them back on time and in full. To make that determination, they will check out your credit score. This score is very important in determining your rates on [...]

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How to Get Your Credit Score and FICO Score Back on Track

If you are looking to improve your credit score or fix a bad credit score, then you should know the process is just as tough and time-intensive as losing weight. You can’t take any shortcuts, or you will suffer some severe consequences. Your credit score repair efforts need [...]

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