Higher Credit Scores Increase Your
Chances of Qualifying For Better Financing!

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Higher Credit Scores Increase Your
Chances of Qualifying For Better Financing!

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Are inquiries killing your clients' financing opportunities?


Your Client's Available Funds?


Your Client's Interest Costs?


Your Client's Payment Terms?

or simply DENYING your client's access to any Financing?

Removing unqualified inquiries may increase your client's credit score.


We spent the last 2 years listening to our clients and are excited to offer you priority access to the brand new program.

Our renowned system for removing inquiries has been completely rebuilt to maximize profits and savings for both you and your client.

By automating all the hard parts of inquiry removal, you can now do the work of a professional at a fraction of the price with just the click of a button.

You can earn $1000's and still save your clients' money.

Inquiry Removal Packages July 2020 Special Pricing

We provide the only truly automated Inquiry Removal Service


One Form
One Time


We do all the work in
1-2 weeks

Get Paid

Help clients optimize credit
Fund more deals


Better credit means better financing faster.

More approvals. More money. Lower rates. Longer terms.

What people are saying about us

What people are saying about us

Lori G

"It's been an amazing journey with Inquiry Removers. A quick one - but a really, really exciting one. They helped improve my score almost 100 points!"

Sean B

"Anthony has given an amazing gift to me by cleaning up my credit. He took my score from the low 400’s to high 600’s – in only 2 weeks!"

Steve M

"My credit score was in the mid 600’s... Inquiry Removers got me over 700 and helped raise money for my business!"

“My credit score has skyrocketed in the past few months. I cannot say enough positive things about Inquiry Removers… they are amazing!”

David M., Delighted Client

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Easy and Fast

No one makes it easier or faster to improve my clients’ credit scores than Inquiry Removers!

It’s great to have another stream of revenue selling inquiry removal, but the real win is my clients get approved for more financing faster!"

Marie, ISO Partner
Chicago, Illinois

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Questions? We Have Answers!

What’s the process – how does it work?2020-07-31T00:33:34-07:00
  1. You set the price and charge your clients based on the number of inquiries they need removed – up to 10, up to 20 or unlimited.
  2. Purchase a package
  3. Your client completes our simple application form and inputs the inquiries to be removed.
  4. Our system processes your file automatically
  5. Check credit within 1 to 2 weeks for results
How long does it take to remove credit inquiries?2020-07-31T00:34:41-07:00

Doing it yourself, it can take months or even years. Most credit repair companies take many months to remove inquiries. Our automated inquiry removal software allows you to improve your clients’ credit in a matter of 7 to 14 days.

Don’t you need to be a lawyer to remove credit inquiries?2020-07-31T00:35:30-07:00

No, anyone is permitted to remove inquiries, even your client. But knowing how to effectively remove inquiries takes years of experience to complete the process quickly. Inquiry Removers created the first truly Automated Inquiry Removal System.

How long does it take to learn how to sell Inquiry Removers?2020-07-31T00:36:18-07:00

We’ll provide all of the sales training and marketing support you need to sell Inquiry Removers. But you can learn everything you need to know to start making money now selling inquiry removal in ten minutes or less.

How do Partners make money selling Inquiry Removal?2020-07-31T00:37:02-07:00

You set your own prices, get paid upfront, be your own boss, work from anywhere and leverage inquiry removal to position your clients for more financing at lower rates and lower terms. You get paid twice – first for inquiry removal and then again by getting financing for your clients.

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